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Through decades of experience in the insurance, executives benefits, private equity and financial industries as both the advisor to the "buyer" and advisor to the advisor, we have educated ourselves in a unique way. We have realized there was a gap in the options, objectivity and creativity offered, by the largest of firms. Removing the obstacle of the "middle man" and other inefficiencies has led us to a complete and effective solution for the space in which we serve.

Combining the best in wholesale insurance brokerage, financial advisory and executive benefits intellectual capital on a national level, we believe we have created the ultimate source for our space. We provide sophisticated consulting services that create a strategic foundation for estate planning, executive benefits, business planning and financial planning. Our analytical tools enable us to thoroughly assess your existing situation and make recommendations to ensure they meet our client's specific objectives. We consistently monitor industry trends as well as regulation in order to ensure potential strategies are flexible, competitive and responsive to everyone involved.

Consulting, Advising & Coaching professionals around the country as THE Insurance BGA of choice. Our primary objective is to aid these professionals in attaining the best possible solutions for their clients, through advanced planning techniques, underwriting, carrier & product support and more.

Our platform is focused on allowing these advisors and organizations to perform at the highest level they can, while Universal maintains an extensive knowledge base, back office support and carrier partnership structure.

Clients have included some of the largest and diverse groups of businesses around the country, including executive benefits firms, financial advisors, private equity, insurance specialists, law firms, CPA firms, RIAs, funds, brokerage agencies and corporations of all kinds.

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