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The Financial Services industry is constantly changing and concepts alone will not get you what you truly strive for…What will?

Our focus is to help you develop your practice into a more efficient business. We will help you to dissect and understand your strengths and weaknesses build a better model, whether through marketing initiatives, financial modeling or structural components. As a firm who understand the financial services industry intimately, we have expertise and experience in all facets of the business. Securities, insurance, benefits or planning we can help you become more efficient and productive with your particular specialty.

Working with major corporations, RIA’s, planners, insurance organizations, producer groups, benefits firms and individual advisors has allowed us over the years to see the business differently than most. As a top tier BGA, with experience running a retail securities business, super OSJ and working with individual, business and associations from the millions to the billions we can see from 10,000 feet and 10 inches the opportunities that lie ahead. Studying how the effects of one affect all and why success is found with one organization and not another has aided us in perfecting what we do.

We offer several programs designed to help you drive and execute growth strategies. Each program takes a hands-on approach to assessing your firm’s needs, providing you the knowledge and resources for making critical decisions, and following up as you execute your strategy.

Please note this program is only available for Elite Advisors.

Programs in Practice Management

Accelerate Growth

Strategic Growth | Learn to think strategically and act tactically to accelerate revenue growth and drive more predictable results.

Practice Optimization | Determine economic priorities, create more valuable client relationships, and gain organizational leverage.

Succession Planning | Develop an individualized succession planning process, focusing on individual preparation, business preparation and implementing the plan.

Building a New Line of Business | Plan and execute the process of building a profitable new line of business, taking advantage of marketing resources, sales process, technology and assistance with hiring key personnel.

    Professional Partnerships

    Working closely with you to help you find the right prospects, evaluate existing or potential alliances, structure agreements and create a joint business plan. They can then help you strengthen your alliances through our combined marketing resources, customized coaching and continuing professional education.

    Marketing Resources | You will have access to presentations, articles and other sales tools that enable you to bring new ideas to your partner on a regular basis. In addition, we provide tools and resources to help you regularly market to your partner and your partner’s client base to help create a continuous pipeline of opportunities.

    Customized Coaching | Offering one-on-one consulting to help you build stronger relationships with centers of influence. We can help you safely navigate the common pitfalls of forming partnerships, develop marketing strategies for new and existing partnerships, and create business plans to enhance your existing partnerships.

    Host educational web and live presentations to which firms can invite their professional alliance partners. The web presentations are an effective way for firms to suggest valuable ideas to their alliance partners.

      Market Evolution

      Positioning your practice to meet the changing needs of the individual or corporate market is quite possibly the biggest opportunity for your business. We can help you build a successful practice that targets these specialties through a strategic process.

      Exceptional Resources also provides opportunity to help you penetrate niche markets. Our specialized solutions – case studies, whitepapers, planning tools and a process – help position you as a expert in your market.

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