Carrier Yes/No Details
AIG Yes As long as not a captive agent
Allianz No
Aviva Yes
American Equity No Have to transfer existing appointment
American National No Need upline release if business in last 3 months,
otherwise no release required
Banner Life Yes Only up to 3 appointments
Berkshsire/SML–DI No
F & G/Old Mutual Possible Requires pre-approval by F&G management
Fidelity (thru Ins Only) No Need release from old IMO if business within a year
First Colony/GE Cap–Life Yes
Genworth LTC No If agent has had business in last 6 months or if they
were just appointed within last 6 months, they would need release
Guardian Yes
Hartford No
John Hancock Yes  Does not accept transfer of existing appt. Need all new paperwork.
John Hancock LTC No Unless no business in last 6 months or would need release letter
if business in last 6 months
Lincoln Benefit Yes, max of 2 Cannot contract at higher level without a release
Lincoln Yes No release required
Lloyds of London Yes
Mass Mutual No
Mutual of Omaha Yes/No Yes for Life and Annuity, No for health; No for LTC
(no dual for same lines of business)
MedAmerica-LTC No, but Requires release, but LTCI can submit paperwork without it
and after 2 weeks agent can transfer without a problem
Met Yes
Met No If previously set up at management level.
Met LTC Yes
Minnesota Life No Would need release
Nationwide Yes If associated with a B/D, call for specifics
Nat’l Western No Agent has to wait 1 year after writing business to transfer
North American Yes Only 2 appointments allowed at once
NY Life Yes Agent has to submit cover letter re: dual affiliation
Old Mutual No Have to transfer existing appointment
Penn Mutual No
Pac Life
Phoenix No Need upline release
Principal Yes Broker Request for Transfer/Additional Agent Affiliation Form required
Protective Possible Need RSM release
Prudential Yes Need cover letter w/SS# & request to move under our hierarchy
Prudential–LTC Yes Limit of 2 active contracts
RBC Liberty Life No have to transfer existing appointment
Reliance Standard No
Standard DI No Agent has to complete paperwork & carrier determines if agent
 eligible to transfer (if no business in past 12 months)
Security Mutual No Agent can transfer w/transfer request, transfer letter, new paperwork
Shenandoah No
Sun Life No Once we submit new agent paperwork, carrier terminates agent’s
other appointment
Yes Currently no limit on number of contracts
Transamerica Yes Effective 1/1/07, max of 5 relationships.  New business required for dual
appointment or transfer (form required)
Union Central Yes But cannot write line of business with UIS if they already wrote
same line of business with another agency
US Financial Yes They assign a new # for every affiliation
West Coast Life Yes Cannot place agent at higher comp level than they currently have for
6 months, limit of 2 active contracts
WP Yes Up to 3 appointments
Zurich Yes
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