Licensing & Contracting FAQ'S

Find the answers to the most frequently asked Licensing & Contacting questions.
Find the answers to the most frequently asked Licensing & Contacting questions.
When should I expect to receive my agent code?

UIS will notify the agent via email when the agent code is received from the carrier. It typically takes approximately 2 weeks from the date when the paperwork is submitted in good order to the carrier. Some exceptions may apply, see below.

  • Just In Time Appointments
  • Some carriers require new business to be submitted along with the initial contracting paperwork before they issue an agent code.
How can I look up my agent code?
  • Access Case Control
  • Login for Case Control section is the first letter of your first name and full last name (no spaces). The password is the last 4 of your SSN.  If this login does not work, please contact [email protected]
How do I get appointed?

Universal is pleased to offer our online Licensing and Contracting system.  The process leads you through a series of questions that includes everything needed to complete carrier contracting forms. The initial process takes 10-15 minutes to set up your profile.  Your information is then saved for all of your future appointment requests with Universal Insurance Services.  This allows you to request multiple carriers at the same time, eliminating paperwork.  Please review these instructions before beginning.

You may also submit manual paperwork to our L&C department.  Email all requests for paperwork to [email protected]

How do I get E & O coverage if I don't have it?
  • You may go through your Broker Dealer
  • Most carriers have stopped offering discounted E&O insurance, however North American still does.
How do I change my bank account for direct deposit?

A separate EFT form will have to be provided to each carrier with the updated bank account information.  Carriers will not accept a “starter check”; it must be pre-printed with the agent/corporation’s name.

Can I assign commission?
How do I get a commission statement?

Each producer must register through the carrier’s website, using their agent code, to have access to view their commission statements.  To access the carrier websites, visit the Carrier Relationship tab and select from the lines of business on the drop down menu.

How do I know what my commission rate is?

Contact your Universal Insurance Services Brokerage Manager (who recruited you to UIS)

When will I be paid commission on a case?

Please view the Carrier Commission Payout Schedule

Is AML Training Required?

Yes.  It is required for all producers.

How do I complete AML Training?

LIMRA is the mostly widely used vendor for AML Training.  However, you cannot create your own account; a carrier must create it for you and most carriers do not enroll agents with LIMRA until new business has been submitted.  If you have not completed the course through another vendor, the carrier will open an account with LIMRA on your behalf and provide you with a user name and login (free service).

RegEd, WebCE, Quest and Fire Solutions are commonly used vendors other than LIMRA that provide AML Training.

Can I add LTC to an existing life appointment?

No.  LTC and Life products are processed through separate divisions with each carrier.  Separate contracting paperwork is required for the different appointments and separate agent codes are assigned for the different product lines.

NOTE:  All state LTC training must be completed PRIOR to the application sign date in order to prevent returned/rejected applications. If the LTC training is not completed prior to the app sign date, you will need to get the application resigned and dated.

How do I complete CE training to sell LTC products?

WEBCE and are commonly used vendors that provide the courses necessary, by state, to sell LTC products.

How do I add a non-resident state to my existing appointment?

Send a copy of the current non-resident state license to [email protected] with a note of which carrier to add it to.  (If it is a pre-appointment state, then you cannot submit business until the state has been made effective on your appointment.  See pre-appointment state list in reference material on previous page.)  (NOTE:  NY usually has separate paperwork with most carriers.  If you are adding NY to your appointment as an additional state, there may be additional contracting paperwork required.)

How do I apply for a non-resident state license?

Go to to apply.  On the left side of the website, there is a link to apply for an additional license.  Go through the prompts and submit credit card information. 

How do I change my mailing address?

Email [email protected] with the new address info.  Be sure to indicate whether it is a resident or business address change.  Once we receive, we will update the information with each carrier the agent is appointed with.

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