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As Benefit Specialists we know you live in a very competitive environment, unfortunately the business has become a commodity and price rules in many cases. When the competition comes and price is what they wield, many times the corporate client will base their decisions solely on the cost and overlook your great personality…

We have seen many benefits advisors try and branch into many other areas of the financial industry without much success and struggle to differentiate their business from their competitors.

Earning a living as a group benefits broker demands tremendous attention to detail and exceptional customer service. But there is a set of brokers who go above and beyond for their clients, often distinguishing themselves through personalized relationships with their customers. These brokers are so aligned with each customer’s individual needs that they become an extension of the human resources department, able to take on any number of tasks the department is unable or unwilling to do.

Of course, there are plenty of companies that let price dominate their decision making over service, and seek commodity service from their brokers. And some companies prefer a type of customer service that uses technology to push benefits administration onto websites and other software. That’s a specialty all by itself.

WHAT IF there was a tool to…

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