Objective Planning

“Robert in Sales needs to plan for retirement.”

Helps Robert understand his investing options and retirement picture.

Helping your executives achieve their financial objectives or receive a second option through detailed planning, the result: customized advice and solutions consistent with their needs and long-term goals. Financial Goals including but not limited to Retirement, College Funding, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expense Analysis, Estate Planning, Post-Retirement and Investment Analysis. Learn More


Financial Literacy

Cyndi in Marketing has just been hired.”

Helps Cyndi evaluate her new employee benefits and educate on personal options.

Workshops and Classes, led by professionals, are designed to guide executives during different stages of their lives. They cover a range of topics or can be created for any audience.  Learn More

Employment Transition

“Susan in Purchasing will be leaving the company.”

“Tom in Production will retire in 14 days.”

Helps Tom with his changing needs.
Helps Susan with alternative benefit solutions.

Career changes, whether new employees, retiring or out placed can have a tremendous emotional financial impact on you and your employees. Managing their stress, helping them take control and developing action plans to assist them will only help satisfy these uncertain times. This resource will help you to handle downsizing and/or employee turnover. Group one-on-one counseling, conducted by professionals, helps employees evaluate their many options. Learn More



“Jessica in Administration, her father just passed away.”

Helps Jessica make sure her father’s wishes  are carried out and her mother is taken care of.

A professional representative gets personally involved, helping beneficiaries through this difficult time, giving on-going counseling on issues like debts, estate, and Social Security as well as other complex situations. Learn More

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