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We have effectively converged the insurance, reinsurance and advanced planning space and solved for what the marketplace is starving for–innovative change.

Comprised of an interdisciplinary team of industry experts and insiders with decades of experience and a very broad network of contacts, our remarkable combination of resources, along with those of our investors and other strategic capital partners gives us the capacity to source, provide due diligence, advise, acquire and operate insurance related assets.

VBIS has the capabilities to focus in on solutions and pricing not typically obtainable, effectively and efficiently securing life insurance and advanced planning strategies for our clients. Our distinctive model is not product or carrier specific and maintains a purely objective strategy when analyzing the marketplace. Our firm consistently monitors industry trends as well as regulation in order to ensure potential strategies are flexible, competitive and responsive.

Vanbridge Insurance Services has consulted and/or placed with over 30,000 advisors, 110,000 clients, Billions in premium, $75 Billion in Face Amount and Billions in assets.


  • "Since our client base is predominantly private equity and investment firms, we were very "choosy" as to who we would partner with to handle our business. Some of the clients he has worked with us on include CVC Capital Partners, A&M Capital Partners, Stone Point Capital, Wellspring Capital Partners and many others."

    PVMManaging Principal & CEO
  • "A detailed, creative thinker who focuses exclusively on the benefit of their clients or those for who they partner with. They have been a real asset to our business and continues to bring creative ideas and help our business to continually grow. A real asset to any business."

    MLV.P at Internationally Renowned Executive Benefit and Insurance Firm
  • "Having both worked with and competed against VBIS  for years, I can say they are truly one of the most knowledgeable and well versed insurance professionals in our industry. Their knowledge rivals the collective experience of most carriers’ entire advanced marketing departments. There principals have the ability to communicate technical and legal concepts to Attorneys, CPAs and corporate Board of Directors. They can also communicate the reason to take action to the layman and client.  Their wealth of knowledge covers every conceivable insurance strategy from trust and estate planning."

    BPManaging Director at a National BGA
  • "We have worked with numerous national firms and until Vanbridge it was a consistent sampling of mediocrity. Focused and professional, they have solved for several areas of concern for our firm and always solve efficiently. One of the most creative and unique firms we have ever done business with."

    MDPManaging Director, Private Equity
  • "Vanbridge is more than just a “broker”, they help our team with case consultation and plan design strategy. I personally enjoy bouncing ideas off them prior to client calls/meetings. VBIS has also helped us gain access to different products that are not normally offered to your more traditional markets."

    JM & NSOne of the Largest Executive Benefits & P&C Firms in the World
  • "I have used many Brokerage General Agents in my 20+ years in the insurance business. Their team has great relationships at the carrier level and can get the job done when no one else cannot. In addition, they are a incredibly creative and dynamic advanced underwriter - VBIS is the only team we use."

    JMExecutive Vice President - Estate Planning and Executive Benefits National Firm
  • "I have worked with VBIS on numerous occasions and to simply recommend them would be a substantial understatement. I have never had the opportunity or pleasure to work with someone so professional, so forward thinking, so creative and so knowledgeable their principals. They have a passion for their business not seen in our industry and that passion makes them an A player and business partner!"

    FATop Advisor – Financial Planning and Executive Benefits
  • "Professional, Objective and Intellectually the best we have come across. We continue to see Vanbridge as a major insurance specialist for our organization and our clientele."

    MTPartner, Top 10 Worldwide CPA Firm
  • "VBIS is more than just a “broker”, they helps our team with case consultation and plan design strategy. I personally enjoy bouncing ideas off the principals prior to client calls/meetings. they have also helped us gain access to different products that are not normally offered to your more traditional markets."

  • "We have been in the insurance business for 20+ years and have worked with many folks from many companies. Sometimes the results are good sometimes not so much. With Vanbridge we have always had great results. Their attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge and business acumen are second to none. It is always cost effective, very well organized and best of all, easy to work with. I couldn't recommend someone more."

    JRCEO of a major national health benefits firm


A cornerstone of the Vanbridge Life & Executive Benefits service platform is our unparalleled relationships that we maintain with our carriers, including their top underwriting staff, CEO’s and other executive levels at our carrier partners. These relationships afford us a unique perspective into how our carriers will respond to a case, allowing us to target our submissions for the best outcome.  Our carriers appreciate both our passion and our diligence when pursuing cases. They understand that we will only pursue a case if we believe in its viability. In turn our clients benefit by our strategic and upfront analysis, as our thoroughness alleviates carrier inundation. This approach has strengthened our carrier relationships, decreased processing times and amplified our production.

As an advocate for the client and the insurance carrier, Vanbridge has been able to forge unique relationships and ultimately accomplish what other firms  cannot, nor have the resources to do.  We distinguish ourselves by the work we do up front and in the way we package a case, whether it be informal or  formal business. In addition, Vanbridge’s principals sit on several carrier boards, continually requested to aid in product design, underwriting guidance and marketing initiatives. These resources allow us to stay ahead of the competition and potentially have access to product and systems not available to other organizations nationally.

A true independent firm, we provide access to the world’s leading carriers across insurance, annuities, disability income and long-term care. Vanbridge has relationships with major insurance carriers and has helped account for billions in face amounts and premium. Continually ranking as a top “producer” for many carriers, this puts our organization in a  position to assist in your business like no one else can.

Our core values

We believe the difference between good and great organizations lies in the service they provide their clients.

Our dedication to service is what defines us.

Guided by the relentless pursuit of innovation, anticipation and creative solutions for our clientele.

Providing a professional, independent and objective consultative relationship for our clients.



Vanbridge Life & Executive Benefits is one of the leading specialized insurance firms in the United States, consistently delivering top-quality results designed to benefit our clients. Vanbridge provides sophisticated consulting services that create a strategic foundation for estate and personal planning, executive benefits and business planning. Consulting, advising and coaching professionals around the country, we are proud to be THE Insurance firm of choice for advisors, private equity, executive benefit firms, RIAs and funds, insurance specialists, attorneys, CPA’s, broker dealers, insurance agencies, group benefit firms, the high net worth and corporations.



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