We believe our philosophical approach to underwriting business is a distinguishing factor, and it enables us to have an industry leading informal-to-formal ratio.

Beyond having an in-depth understanding of our carriers, this is where our belief in proactive thought really makes a difference.

  • When you decide to place an informal case with Universal, this is what you can expect:
  • A talented, focused underwriting team dedicated to informal business
  • Quick turn-around: Goal is 3-5 days to medically summarize and submit a  case
  • A stringent initial assessment on cases, we call it “Double-Scrubbing”
  • A fully secured, paperless informal department that allows us to manage large volumes of personal data efficiently
  • Real-time online case management providing access to all offers in one convenient location
  • Efficiency: All business is processed within 24hours of receiving a complete application

We are privileged to have created a team of respected experts with decades of combined experience in the underwriting marketplace.  Bringing true expertise in handling complex medical and financial risks – especially in the affluent, high-net worth market – Universal’s underwriting department has first hand knowledge of all aspects of the life insurance underwriting process and maintains close working relationships with medical directors and senior underwriters at the carriers. Our team is comprised of experts in all facets of the  process and possesses a depth of knowledge in medical and mortality modeling unsurpassed by our competitors. Steeping our negotiations in fact allows Universal to maintain resounding carrier respect while achieving the best results for our clients. With professional and experienced true underwriting experts, as well as multiple internal informal and formal staff, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient underwriting process.

Modeling cases based on a variety of factors, such as risk assessment, pricing of the products and negotiation, we provide opportunities we believe are not duplicated today. We utilize professionals, including physicians, actuaries and underwriters, committed to ensuring that you are evaluated according to your unique circumstances rather than how you fit into a statistical model. For our clients, this often means a favorable negotiating edge, competitive costs, greater benefits and higher limits.

Universal continues to maintain a consistent top tier informal-to-formal ratio across the industry, thus allowing us to maintain a trust factor with our carrier  partners and clients. Attentive to more than just an offer, we are focused on professional solutions, taking into consideration product, carrier strength, pricing, goals and, of course, the underwriting offer. Our priority is our clients, and we will make sure your chances of losing to your competition are less likely, ensuring we have exhausted all the options in the carrier landscape.

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